FBAS summer league dates
NB new booking in arrangements members wanting to fish summer matches should text their name & match date to club mobile, number is - 447543403348
This booking in method will be used for winter league also members are asked to pay their match fee at weigh in.

summer league dates

1 Wed. 15th May
2 Fri. 31st May
3 Foords Open 16th June (Scroll Down page for poster & all details)
4 Fri. 28th June
5 Fri. 12th July
6 Fri  24th July
7 Sun 4th August 12.00 start w/in by 5.00pm

£3.00 per match (Juv £1.00) 20 Mackeral max & 1 Bass per man min size 42cm.

2019 Foords Open match will take place on Sunday 16th June. Fishing 09.00am till 2.00pm. weigh in at the Foords Queen street Filey no later than 3.00pm.(this date was changed to avoid a clash with another match)

John Smiths open match will take place on Sunday  13th October.  Fishing 9.00am till 3.00pm. Weigh in at the Filey Snooker Centre no Later than 4.00pm.










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