Bass Regulation 2018

From IFCA website

New Sea Bass Regulations 2018

No Bass may be weighed in at any FBAS competition whilst this regulation is in force


Recreational Fishermen Shore and Boat

  • Any sea bass caught must be released.It is not permitted to retain any sea bass during 2018.


Commercial Fisherman

  • The taking of any sea bass is prohibited between 1 February and 31 March 2018 (inclusive) in any fishery.
  • Targeted commercial shore fisheries are prohibited.
  • Commercial trawl fisheries permitted 1% by-catch of sea bass per day up to a maximum of 100 Kg per month.
  • Static gear fisheries permitted a maximum by-catch of 1200 Kg of sea bass per annum.
  • Commercial ‘hook and line’ fisheries are permitted a maximum catch of 5,000 Kg per annum.


For more information please contact the Authority or your local Marine Management Organisation office or go to –



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