Bass Regulation 2019

Bass Regulation for 2019

We are to be allowed one bass per person per day next summer from April 1st – 31st October.

more info at Angling trust website (see link on Facebook page for further info.)

Extract from EU Maritime affairs & fisheries newsletter


Finally concerning northern seabass, commercial fisheries will remain prohibited with some exceptions, taking into account the positive developments reflected in the scientific advice. It was decided that allowed catches would increase to 5.5 tonnes/vessel for hooks and line fishery, to 400kg for two months for trawlers, to 210 kg for seines, and 1.4 tonne per year for fixed gillnets.

For recreational fisheries the “bag limit” stays at 1 fish per day but for 7 months.






Statutory guidance (from DEFRA Website)
Bass fishing guidance 2018

Updated 28 September 2018
1. Recreational bass fishing

For recreational fishers, from 1 October to 31 December 2018, not more than one specimen of European seabass may be retained and landed per fisherman per day. Any additional bass caught during 2018 must be returned immediately. This applies if you are fishing from a boat or from the shore.

So one bass/angler/per day may be weighed in FBAS comps.until year end.


For more information please contact the Authority or your local Marine Management Organisation office or go to –



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