Archives 2012 Onwards


Year        League A Winner     Heaviest Bag              Heaviest Fish


2012/13 Rich Farnell 101lbs-1.9oz Rich Farnell 14-12.8 Jamie Richardson 9-7.3

2013/14 Phil Arliss 142lbs-0.6oz Phil Arliss 38-1.7 Jamie Richardson 9-14.4

2014/15 Phil Arliss 211lbs-13.8oz James Haxby 27-15.2 Cameron Watson 9-14.6

2015/16 Jason Riley 159lbs-11.4oz Jason Riley 28-11.2 Cameron Watson 9-15.6

2016/17 Ian Sellers 121lbs-12.2oz Ian Sellers 25-3.6 Richard Haxby 12-11.8

2017/18 Mally Skelton 132lbs-8.1oz Richard Johnson 22-2.4 Richard Johnson 9-12

2018/19 Mally Skelton 189lbs-4.3oz Phil Arliss 30-13.9 Ade Colling 8-1.4









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