Archives 1965 – 2012

1965/66 F Colling 169lb 10oz F Colling 32lb 11oz F Colling 13lb 1oz
1966/67 F Colling 224lb 14oz F Colling 25lb 6oz F Colling 9lb 15oz
1967/68 M Danby 175lb 10oz M Danby 29lb 10oz
1968/69 F Colling 192lb 12oz F Colling 28lb 11oz J Jenkinson 12lb 9.5oz
1969/70 M Danby 187lb 2oz M Danby 40lb  4oz J Jenkinson 29lb 10.5oz
1970/71 M Danby 200lb 12oz M Danby 32lb 6oz F Colling 10lb 14.5oz
1971/72 F Colling 201lb 7oz F Colling 30lb 14oz M Danby 14lb 10oz
1972/73 F Colling 175lb 8oz M Danby 57lb 8oz L Hill 13lb 6oz
1973/74 F Colling 150lb 6oz H Cammish 28lb 2oz M Cass 16lb 7.5oz
1974/75 F Colling 257lb 3oz B Brannan 61lb 1.25oz J W Colling 16lb 1.5oz
1975/76 P Wiseman 129lb P Wiseman 24lb 9oz S Holmes 13lb 9oz
1976/77 P Wiseman 148lb 2oz M Wiseman 34lb 2oz F Colling 14lb 14.5oz
1977/78 F Colling 112lb 5oz R Tankard 32lb 2oz S Holmes 12lb 4oz
1978/79 F Colling 95lb 12oz M Haxby 17lb 7oz S Holmes 9lb 11.5oz
1979/80 B Brannan 155lb 7oz T Holmes 22lb 18oz A Brain 10lb 2oz
1980/81 F Colling 130lb 2oz B Brannan 35lb 6oz F Colling 12lb 2.75oz
1981/82 B Brannan 122lb 8oz M Haxby 22lb 1oz P Hawkins 12lb 9.25oz
1982/83 F Colling 134lb 3oz F Colling 17lb 14oz T Holmes 10lb 9oz
1983/84 K Carpenter 105lb 12oz A R Colling 30lb 8oz A R Colling 12lb 7.75oz
1984/85 B Brannan 122lb B Brannan 21lb 15oz F Colling 12lb 15oz
1985/86 P Farnell 83lb 9oz T Barnes 36lb 10oz R J Lewis 9lb 4.25oz
1986/87 B Brannan 278lb 11oz B Brannan 26lb 6oz B Brannan 8lb 11oz
1987/88 B Brannan 226lb 6oz B Brannan 28lb 12oz F Colling 9lb 1oz
1988/89 P Farnell 150lb 13oz A Brain 22lb 6oz R Smith 11lb 9oz
1989/90 B Brannan 85lb 5oz P Farnell 13lb 9oz A Cammish 7lb 2.5oz
1990/91 F Colling 80lb 15oz E Thompson 23lb 9oz K Carpenter 11lb 3.5oz
1991/92 C Scaife 113lb M Colling 18lb 8oz B Barr 11lb 8.75oz
1992/93 M Colling 74lb 8oz D Barr 13lb 11oz F Cappleman 8lb 2oz
1993/94 M Haxby 103lb 6oz M Haxby 16lb 1oz A Cammish 11lb 7.5oz
1994/95 B Colling 87lb 3oz P Farnell 18lb 3oz M Haxby 8lb 4.25oz
1995/96 F Colling 89lb F Colling 21lb 14oz M Haxby 12lb 1.5oz
1996/97 P Petch 88lb 10oz D Marshall 17lb 5oz R Harrison 6lb 10oz
1997/98 F Colling 120lb 15oz C Court 14lb 1oz C Court 10lb 14.75oz
1988/99 M Dixon 89lb 90z M Colling 17lb J Johnson 8lb 4.25oz
1999/2000 F Colling 113lb 15oz F Colling 19lb 4oz F Colling 16lb 4.5oz
2000/01 A R Colling 111lb 6oz R Harrison 19lb 10oz P Harper 8lb 2oz
2001/02 F Colling 98lb 4oz A R Colling 21lb 15oz A R Colling 9lb 3.75oz
2002/03 F Colling 133lb 15oz M Cammish 16lb 12oz F Colling 10lb 4.75oz
2003/04 M Cammish 208lb 4oz R Harrison 30lb 8oz F Colling 10lb 2.5oz
2004/05 R Harrison 179lb 6oz T Holmes 35lb 5oz D Halifax 10lb 10oz
2005/06 R Harrison 142lb 4oz M Colling 20lb 10oz R Haxby 13lb 9oz
2006/07 R Harrison 155lb 4oz R Harrison 31lb 14oz R Haxby 11lb 5oz
2007/08 R Harrison 152lb 12oz R Harrison 25lb 1oz R Haxby 10lb 11.5oz
2008/09 P Arliss 127lb 6.5oz J Tindall 17lb 1.75oz A R Colling 10lb 14.5oz
2009/10 R Harrison 110lb 7.8oz S Acklam 20lb 8.25oz R Harrison 9lb 10oz
2010/11 R Harrison 146lb 5.3oz P Arliss 20lb 10.5oz R Harrison 13lb 5.8oz
2011/12 T Holmes 140lb 2.2oz A R Coliing 20lb 14.9oz J Richardson 9lb 2oz

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