The Festival

At the AGM in 1922 it was decided that there would be an annual fishing festival which is still going strong to this very day. The North of England Trophy was put forward as the top prize of the festival in 1939 with the winner claiming a cash prize of £5, which in those days was the equivalent of two weeks wages. The trophy is still the most sought after in the festival and instead of the original £5 the winner is more likely to pick up a prize of £500. The festival is fished in the first week in September and anglers from all over the country come to fish for the 79 silver cups and trophies presented over the week and guaranteed cash prizes of over £3000. Of special interest this year a prize of £150 for the largest bass over 5lb. The festival runs two sections a shore section consisting of 8 matches, the main being the North Of England Codling Championship. And the other section being the boating section, consisting of 6 matches.

To view the current Festival Brochure please click on the link below:

Filey Fishing Festival Brochure 2015

please visit the results page for match updates etc

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