2018-19 Winter Fishing Results

League ‘A’ – The Silver Cup
1 Mally Skelton 189lbs – 4.3oz
2 Adrian Colling 123lbs – 1.6oz
3 James Haxby 100lb – 6.6oz
4 Dominic Christmas 97lbs – 9.8oz
5 Jason Riley 89lbs – 7.9oz
Total weight of fish caught in this league = 1022.481lbs
Relegated X 5
1 Johnny Burgess 0-0
2 Ian Sellers 4 -3.7
3 Mark Smith 34-2
4 Richard Johnson 38-2.5

League ‘B’ – The Sailor Trophy
1 Phil Arliss 105lbs – 3.6oz
2 Dannie Binnie 64lbs – 3.25oz
3 Richard Haxby 55lbs – 2.3oz
4 Alan Richardson 44lbs – 5.6oz
5 Pete Watson 33lbs – 9.6oz
Total weight of fish caught in this league = 570.8844lbs
Total weight of fish in both leagues = 1593.3366lbs

Heaviest Aggregate of Cod – The G.Waller Trophy
1 Mally Skelton 172lbs – 10.7oz
2 Adrian Colling 112lbs – 14.6oz
3 Phil Arliss 93lbs – 0.3oz
4 Dominic Christmas 87lbs -9.8oz
5 Jason Riley 77lbs – 13.4oz
Total Wt of Fish caught in this league = 1318.509lbs

Juvenile heaviest Aggregate The Rose Bowl
1 Joe Harrison 40lbs – 7.0oz  Prize sponsored by Elaine & Brian Jaques
2 Adam Hutchinson 29lbs – 15.1oz  Prize sponsored by Elaine & Brian Jaques

Heaviest Aggregate (60 years and over) – The Doug Boynton Trophy
Mally Skelton 189lbs – 4.3oz

Most Points over Winter Fishing – The Chairman’s Cup
Mally Skelton 144 points
Juvenile, Bempton out of bounds – The Arthur Harding Memorial Trophy
Joe Harrison 23lbs – 1.3oz

Juvenile Heaviest Fish over Winter Fishing – The Richard Cammish Memorial Shield
Blake Arliss 6lb – 3.1oz (Skate wk14)
Heaviest catch in one match – The President’s Trophy
Phil Arliss 30lbs – 13.9oz  (wk22 )
Heaviest Fish over Winter- Fishing – The A V Staveley Platter
Adrian Colling 8lb -1.4oz  (wk15 )
Heaviest Aggregate All Matches – the L D Oxtoby Trophy
Mally Skelton 284lb – 4.9oz
Shag Pairs – The Shag Pairs Trophy
John Colling & Adam Hutchinson
Singles Knockout Winner The Ray Holmes memorial Trophy
Winner Andy Colling  Runner up Calum Murton
Heaviest Fish January to December – The Jamie Richardson Memorial Trophy
Dominic Christmas 9-11.5  (Sun. 7th Jan. 2018)
Most Fish Caught – The Bob Brannan Memorial Trophy
Mally Skelton 118 fish
Heaviest Flat Fish (Open to all classes) – The Frances Clarke Memorial Trophy
Pete Watson 0lbs – 12.3oz (wk 11 outing)

Entries 2018/19 739 Seniors 81 Juveniles
Entries 2017/18 821 Seniors 59 Juveniles


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