Winter Fishing Results 2013-2014

League ‘A’   - The Silver Cup

  1. Phil Arliss                             142-0-6
  2. Richard Farnell                  125-8-4
  3. Andrew Cammish            112-13-0
  4. Adrian Colling                    107-12-0
  5. Jamie Richardson             98-2-8

Relegated X 5

Steve Robson                    29-8-7

James Haxby                      26-3-3

Mick Newland                   19-14-8

Julian Barker                      17-9-0

Eric Barnett                         12-10-7


League ‘B’ – The Sailor Trophy

  1. Jason Riley                          131-1-6
  2. Richard Haxby                   91-13-7
  3. John Calden                       78-5-3
  4. Richard Johnson               50-6-3
  5. John James                         48-10-0


Heaviest Aggregate (60 years and over) – The Doug Boynton Trophy

John James                         48-10-0


Most Points over Winter Fishing – The Chairman’s Cup

Jason Riley                          106


Heaviest catch in one match – The President’s Trophy

Phil Arliss                             38-1-7


Heaviest Fish over Winter Fishing – The A V Staveley Platter

Jamie Richardson             9-14-4


Heaviest Aggregate All Matches – the L D Oxtoby Trophy

Phil Arliss                             157-15-7

(Jason Riley                        157-0-0)


Shag Pairs – The Shag Pairs Trophy

Adrian Colling and Jamie Gilbank               9-10-5


Singles Knockout Winner

Richard Johnson


Heaviest Fish January to December – The Titch Memorial Trophy

Jamie Richardson             9-14-4 (30th November 2013)

Most Fish Caught – The Bob Brannan Memorial Trophy

Jason Riley                          87 Fish


Heaviest Flat Fish (Open to all classes) – The Frances Clarke Memorial Trophy

Ken Carpenter                  1-1-12


No Juveniles weighed in during the Winter Series


Entries 2013-2014


(2012-13 – 639)


Winter Fishing Results 2013-2014

Winter Fishing Results Breakdown 2013-2014 


Following twenty one weeks of Winter Fishing, Filey Brigg Angling Society Ltd held it’s annual Winter Fishing Presentation at the Buccaneer, in Filey last Saturday.


The event was well attended with fifty four people enjoying a superb two course meal and prize presentation.  Guests of honour included the Deputy Mayor, and Deputy Mayoress of Filey and Mr Gary Owram of the Foords Hotel, Filey.


Club Chairman Mr Adrian Colling thanked the Deputy Mayor for the continued support of Filey Town Council in sponsorship of the club’s Annual Fishing Festival held in September, and Mr Gary Owram for allowing the club to use his pub as headquarters for the pub and sponsorship of angling events throughout the year.


Mr Colling added thanks to Mr Frank Colling and Mrs Lilian Colling for the hard work that they put in booking in anglers for fishing matches. Mrs Ann Colling was also thanked for compiling the league tables and promoting the club via the club’s website, associated angling sites, twitter, facebook, submitting the results to The Scarborough News and for the production of event posters.  The club kindly presented a bouquet of flowers to all of the above in appreciation.


Deputy Mayor Mrs Susan Bosomworth in a short speech, congratulated the longstanding club for it’s role in supporting the local community and bringing  visitors to the town for the Fishing Festival.


Local Angler Phil Arliss swept the board taking prizes for the ‘A’ League winner, Heaviest aggregate of cod, Heaviest bag of fish in one night (a massive 38lb plus) and heaviest aggregate for all matches.


Jason Riley landed top spot in the ‘B’ League and missed out on the Heaviest aggregate for all matches to Phil Arliss by just under 1lb, he did however manage to catch the most fish of the series, landing a total of 87 over the 21 weeks.


Richard Johnson managed to triumph over all anglers in the singles knockout draw for the winter, pipping Ken Carpenter at the post.


Sadly no juveniles managed to bring fish to the scales this year, but there is always next year guys.




Winter Fishing Results Week 21


Filey Brigg Angling Society (Ltd) Winter Fishing Results Week 21

  1.  Phil Arliss, 11-7-5, 5 fish
  2. Richard Cappleman, 7-11-0, 5 fish
  3. Richard Farnell, 6-11-5, 3 fish
  4. Martin Dixon, 6-8-5, 3 fish
  5. Adrian Colling, 6-5-3, 2 fish
  6. Andrew Cammish, 5-10-6, 1 fish
  7. Jamie Gilbank, 3-5-2, 2 fish
  8. Dayne Burton, 2-13-6, 1 fish
  9. John James, 2-12-6, 2 fish
  10. John Sutton, 2-7-3, 1 fish

No Juveniles weighed in

Heaviest Fish

  1. Andrew Cammish, 5-10-6
  2. Phil Arliss, 4-10-2

  60 & 3 Juveniles fished

Winter fishing League Tables 2013-2014