Winter Fishing Results week 21

The penultimate week of the FBAS winter series saw a Bempton bonanza with some good bags of fish weighed in.  High rise specialist Iain Sellers was top with five nice cod to give him a double figure bag of fish and ten points.

  1. Iain Sellers, 11-5-2, 5 fish
  2. Terry Holmes, 4-14-0, 2 fish
  3. Andrew Cammish, 3-10-7, 2 fish
  4. Eric Barnett, 2-5-0, 4 fish
  5. Ken Carpenter, 2-2-1, 3 fish
  6. Jamie Richardson, 1-10-3, 1 fish
  7. Mick Newland, 0-13-1, 2 fish

No juvenile weighed in

Heaviest Fish

  1. Iain Sellers, 3-8-0
  2. Terry Holmes, 2-10-2

20 Competitors


The final match of the Winter Fishing Series is tomorrow Sunday 4th March, fishing starts at 11am; weigh in by 4pm at Foords.  £7:50 entry (all in).

2011-12 Winter Fishing League to inc week 21

Winter Fishing Results Week 19

Some long awaited Northerly winds greeted anglers at the beginning of week 20.  The resulting rough seas coaxed anglers out in search of cod, but despite the almost perfect storm, anglers were left floundering again with only one codling brought to the scales.  Terry Holmes registered another win with a fine collection of five fish for a total of 2-14-0; Mark Colling continued his good form with the only codling to take the sweep.

  1. Terry Holmes, 2-14-0, 5 fish
  2. Mark Colling, 2-3-3, 1 fish
  3. Ken Carpenter, 1-14-6, 3 fish
  4. Mick Newland, 1-3-8, 4 fish
  5. Andrew Colling, 0-8-9, 2 fish


  1. Ben Colling, 0-6-8, 1 fish

Heaviest Fish

  1. Mark Colling, 2-3-3
  2. Terry Holmes, 1-3-0

26 adults and 1 juvenile fished

With only two weeks fishing remaining Terry Holmes is sitting comfortably at the top of League A with 130-0-6, Richard Johnson has 54-1-4 at the head of League B, the Cod league is being led by Jamie Richardson 81-15-2, and Rhys Colling is the current juvenile leader with 6-11-5.

The final match of the Winter Fishing Series is on Sunday 4th March, fishing starts at 11am; weigh in by 4pm at Foords.  £7:50 entry (all in).

The Annual FBAS Fishing presentation is to be held on 24th March 2012 at the Buccaneer in Filey, see Adrian Colling or website for further details.


Winter Fishing Results Week 19

Calm, cold, conditions made fishing difficult again in week 19.  Only one codling was landed out of the thirty-three entries, even the whiting were difficult to locate.  John Sutton’s well-earned cod won him the weeks match and the sweep as well.

Last Sunday saw the interclub Bell Trophy where teams from Bridlington, Filey, Scarborough and Whitby clubs fish against each other. Eighty one anglers fished and not a codling was caught.  The Filey team anticipated a codling shortage and changed tactics to target dabs with small hooks.  This gamble paid off and Filey were victorious in their quest to win the Bell Trophy.  Team captain Mark Colling put the team’s success down to the angler’s versatility to catch different species of fish when cod are scarce.

  1. John Sutton, 2-5-4, 1 fish
  2. Mick Newland, 1-11-7, 4 fish
  3. Pete Watson, 1-4-6, 3 fish
  4. Iain Sellers, 1-2-9, 5 fish
  5. Eric Barnett, 1-0-7, 2 fish
  6. Billy Colling, 0-11-9, 3 fish
  7. Ken Carpenter, 0-10-1, 2 fish
  8. Terry Holmes, 0-5-6, 1 fish
  9. Mark Colling, 0-4-6, 1 fish

No juveniles weighed in

Heaviest Fish

  1. John Sutton, 2-5-4

33 Competitors

2011-12 Winter Fishing League Tables to inc week 19

Winter Fishing Results Week 18

An irksome wind from the east, the one fish like the least, proved a challenging week eighteen for anglers.  Only seven anglers out of twenty one entries made it back to the scales with only three cod caught amongst the fish.  Catching two of the cod and the weeks worthy winner was John Sutton with two nice fish for over seven pounds. Jamie Richardson connected with another good fish of six pounds to give him second in the sweep.

The Annual Interclub Bell Trophy Competition is to be held tomorrow (Sunday 12th February 2012) the meeting point will be The Oasis Café, North Marine Drive, Scarborough at 9:30am prompt.

  1. John Sutton, 7-7-4, 2 fish
  2. Jamie Richardson, 6-1-9, 1 fish
  3. Terry Holmes, 3-7-8, 4 fish
  4. Eric Barnett, 1-14-5, 3 fish
  5. Ken Carpenter, 1-12-8, 4 fish
  6. Pete Watson, 0-14-6, 2 fish
  7. Mick Newland, 0-9-7, 2 fish

No juveniles weighed in


Heaviest Fish

  1. Jamie Richardson, 6-1-9
  2. John Sutton, 4-13-2


20 adults and 1 juvenile competed

2011-12 Winter league tables to inc week 18