Terrys Whopper 45lb Norway 2016


FBAS Members note Winter Fishing rule change. The minimum size for Whiting was reduced by vote of members at the AGM from 33cm down to 32cm (2016 rule change) also for 2017/18 there is to be a bag limit of 20 whitings per angler per match.

Anglers are reminded that only “paid up” members may fish our league matches. Subs may be paid to Adrian or Frank.

It was decided at AGM that in future all anglers must weigh in their own fish. Fish left hanging on the door will not be weighed.

Members should pay match fees to Frank before booking in.



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Filey Brigg Angling Society was founded in 1922 and is believed to be one of the oldest clubs in the country. It still holds it ‘s annual fishing festival during the first week of September, presenting around 70 silver trophys, some of which are as old as the festival. As well as the festival the society also hosts several one day open competions and holds it’s own winter and summer league matchs. The society welcomes new members and is always on the lookout for active committee members. Meetings are held first friday in the month and the AGM this year will be on the 27th of september 2013, 7.30pm at the Foords Hotel, Filey.

president pete watson in piscatorial heaven

president Pete Watson enjoying a summer evening on the Brigg




6 thoughts on “FBAS

    • just ring the secretary ken ,the number is contacts,she will send you an application form and some details,cheers

  1. Im a fly fisher and I have been promising self a day after the bass.But ive never done it any body in the club who could help?
    Look forward to hearing from you

  2. Hi there.
    Wonder if you help me. Can you recommend anywhere around Filey to go seafishing, whats rigs and bait to use?
    Usually we go on the beach behind Reigjton Sands caravan park.
    Heard of the Brigg but maybe out of our reach because my father probably couldn’t get down there!
    Can we fish off the promenade? Also I’ve heard of Filey cobble. Can we fish off that?
    Is night fishing any good?

    Many thanks

    Andrew Tennant :-)

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